Smart phone controlled LED lamp

I was meaning to put this up for quite a while now. Back in 2011, I designed and built a ceiling lamp which I wanted to share.


It started out when we wanted to improve the lighting situation in our living room and I was initially looking for an off-the-shelf lamp which full fills our needs:

  • potential to provide a lot of light (>8000 lumens for our ~30m^2 room)
  • dimmable
  • indirect lightning
  • minimalistic (& invisible?) design
  • low power (LED)
  • controllable from a computer/smartphone

One would think that in 2011 this kind of lamp would be main stream, but it turned out to be quite hard to find a lamp (or two) which would fit our needs. This is why I started to play with the idea to design and build my own.

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Garage door controller – part 2

The finished PCB has arrived quite a while ago now and has been assembled as well. Time to upload the final part of this project to see some results.

I selected Beta Layout as the PCB manufacturer for this project with quite satisfying results. I especially liked that they sent me automated pictures of the board after each manufacture step, which turned out to be very useful. Using those, I was able to detect that the holes had been drilled using the wrong drill sizes. They recognized this error and produced a new board with the correct hole sizes within the agreed delivery date.

The final board:

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Garage door controller – part 1

In my garage I have a door opener from the norwegian firm Edlandsporten. Here is a picture of the device and the official brochure:


Unfortunately, the included wireless hand transmitter (for the norwegian folks: “extra fjernkontroll”) to open/close the door has broken down and I need a replacement for it. I contacted the manufacture and they offered me a set of two new hand transmitters for a ridiculous  price of  1000 NOK (~ 125 EUR). In my opinion, this is madness for such a cheap piece for hardware. After a short investigation on the Internet, trying to find cheaper alternatives, I decided to build my own and publish the project. This blog entry is the first part of the design and build process of this door controller.

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General purpose RF receiver

In this blog entry, I wrote about my sensor project which transmits it’s measurements via a 433Mhz wireless communication link. On this page I will describe the details of my self built receiver which receives data from this sensor.


To build a general purpose RF receiver module which receives messages from a 433 Mhz wireless link (for example from my self built RF sensor) and forward the received and decoded message to my Linux server via USB, where they are further processed.

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Landscape of Norway

A selection of photographs which were taken during summer 2009:

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